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Bespoke Kitchen Islands

Our luxury kitchen islands are an elegant addition to any kitchen design.

What are Bespoke Kitchen Islands?

A kitchen island is a freestanding counter or cabinet used for food preparation, storage or dining. It’s a highly versatile piece of kitchen furniture that can incorporate a variety of functions, including an integrated kitchen sink, hob, additional storage, seating, and much more. A bespoke kitchen island can be designed to complement a wide range of spaces, from classic to contemporary kitchens. 

Whether you want to create a focal point, separate a living/dining space or simply improve the overall appearance and functionality of your room, a bespoke kitchen island can fit countless luxury kitchen design briefs. They come in a huge selection of shapes, sizes and materials, so kitchen island dimensions can be adapted to your personal vision for your space. All luxury kitchen islands made by John Lewis of Hungerford are designed to give you extra room to work, and make your life easier.

Kitchen islands are guaranteed to transform any kitchen into an attractive and functional cooking and dining area, fit for all the family.

Luxury Kitchen Islands from John Lewis of Hungerford

Our founder, John Lewis, has always believed in combining impeccable design and craftsmanship to create something his customers would genuinely want to use. Our custom kitchen island designs transform ordinary kitchens into beautiful centrepieces for every home. Our timeless styles provide homeowners with a classic and unique space, imbued with a real sense of purpose where family and friends can gather to create memories.

John Lewis of Hungerford’s luxury kitchen islands are handcrafted in Oxfordshire from the finest materials. They complement every type of kitchen, from classic styles to contemporary kitchen designs, including modern handleless kitchens.

We can tailor each luxury kitchen design in a way that is truly unique to you and your space. By incorporating different kitchen island layouts, colours, shapes and sizes to suit the available space, we can add extra storage, counter space, seating and a modern aesthetic to your kitchen. 

A central island provides kitchens with a stunning centrepiece, making a real impact and impression on guests. Opting for a kitchen island with open storage allows you to display your collection of crockery, cookbooks and glassware. Beyond their aesthetic and social appeal, our bespoke kitchen islands also reduce clutter and provide an effective storage solution with cabinets and shelf space for all of your kitchen essentials. They also offer the ideal canvas for adding a splash of colour to a neutral kitchen, breaking up all-white kitchens and reflecting natural light to bring the entire space to life.

Kitchen islands can provide your home with an informal social hub, perfect for chatting with friends or guests while preparing food or clearing up. They also encourage family time and multitasking, with children able to use the extra workspace to do their homework, while you keep an eye on them.

Whether you enjoy traditional styles or modern designs, our expert kitchen designers will work with you to design the perfect kitchen island for your space. We can design a bespoke island to match an existing kitchen, or install one as part of your brand new John Lewis of Hungerford kitchen. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Luxury Kitchens with Islands

Are kitchen islands out of style?

No, kitchen islands are still extremely stylish additions to any home, and one of the most highly sought-after kitchen features for those with the space to accommodate them. However, in modern kitchen design, there is a preference for multi-purpose, multi-layered kitchen islands, which allow you to truly make use of the available space. Kitchen islands with storage and integrated seating, as well as other practical features such as sinks, provide a show-stopping and functional piece of contemporary furniture.

How much does a custom-built kitchen island cost?

The price of a kitchen island can vary considerably depending on its size, shape, features and the materials used. A truly bespoke kitchen island will be more expensive than an off-the-shelf style, due to the high level of personalisation and craftsmanship which goes into each project. Larger kitchen islands will also require more time and materials, as will uniquely shaped kitchen islands designs. Likewise, a stone, custom-built island made of marble, quartz or granite will be more expensive. Any additional features such as in-built appliances, an adjustable shelf, seating and storage solutions will increase the price.

Will a kitchen island add value to my home?

Yes, a kitchen island will add significant value to your home. Kitchens with bespoke islands are in demand and if your house already has one, future homeowners will be able to avoid the inconvenience of having to install one themselves. There are a few ways to add value without breaking your budget, such as adding luxurious materials to the end of an island rather than covering each side in that material.


What is the best worktop for a kitchen island?

There are plenty of options for kitchen island counters at a range of different price points, all with their own advantages. Granite and quartz are two of the highest quality materials due to their strength and durability. They also look extremely elegant and are more likely to add value to a home. Likewise, white marble is another sophisticated stone that looks beautiful and is both waterproof and heat resistant. However, it will need extra care, as its surface scratches easily. 

The revolutionary new sintered stone Neolith is a lightweight and versatile alternative that is more resistant to chemicals, abrasion, scratching and heat. Alternatively, worktops made from timber offer a warm look, and are available in a range of colours and finishes.

Is a kitchen island a good idea?

Yes, kitchen islands are a good idea for both practical and aesthetic reasons. They provide an ideal way to integrate extra storage and workspace into your kitchen, while also providing a central social area. If you have a large open-plan kitchen/living area, they can make natural room dividers. Whether you choose a freestanding kitchen unit or install an island with seating integrated, bespoke islands are a multi-purpose addition to the design of your home. 

Although smaller kitchens will need more careful consideration, the major benefit of bespoke kitchen islands is that you can create them to fit and enhance your kitchen space, no matter its size.

Should you put a sink in your kitchen island?

Installing a sink or dishwasher in your kitchen counter can be very useful if you have the space, water supply and drainage to accommodate it, though you’ll need to be able to run pipes under the floor, which can initially be disruptive. Undermount sinks work well with stone or quartz and save you time, as you can wipe any worktop mess directly into the sink. Granite and marble counters can have grooves cut into them for drainage and work better if your kitchen island is large and has plenty of counter space. 

What’s the difference between a kitchen island and a peninsula?

Much like the geographical terms they reference, a kitchen island is free-standing with four open sides, while a peninsula is attached to a wall or a cabinet at one end. A peninsula’s primary objective is to provide more seating, storage or serving space. Kitchen islands require more space surrounding them, so peninsulas work better in small kitchens.



What is the most popular kitchen cabinet colour in 2021? 

In 2021, traditional-style rustic kitchen islands tend to feature timeless timber and wood-stained finishes. For kitchen islands with modern designs, there is a trend towards breaking up all-white and neutral kitchens with bold pops of colour in shades of blue and green, highlighted with pendant lights. Cool-toned modern luxury kitchen island designs – often in two tones – are also on the rise, with dark greys and blues creating a striking aesthetic against light walls and kitchen furniture. Another colour trend dominating current contemporary kitchen designs are dark jewel tones such as navy, emerald green and plum, which contrast with light marble island surfaces. 

How do you design a bespoke kitchen island?

The easiest way to design a custom kitchen island is to engage the services of skilled kitchen designers. John Lewis of Hungerford comprises a team of true artisans in the field of kitchen island design and we work closely with our clients to tailor any designs to their taste and lifestyle. The perfect kitchen island will optimise and enhance your kitchen while adding value to your home and we offer a 10 Year Product and Workmanship Guarantee for your peace of mind.

If you are ready to install a bespoke kitchen island in your home, get in touch with our skilled team of kitchen designers. They have countless kitchen island ideas to suit existing and new kitchen layouts.

There are a huge number of options to make a bespoke kitchen island work in any kitchen regardless of size or shape.

Our expert designers can guide you to create perfect kitchen island tailored to your needs.

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