Shaker Kitchens Cirencester

With timeless appeal courtesy of its classic proportions, the shaker style range is one of our best loved kitchens on display in our Cirencester kitchen showroom and it has been transformed into countless bespoke kitchens which combine all its amazing features with the artistic preferences of its happy owners.



Renowned for its impressive versatility, the shaker style will give you one of the most bespoke kitchens possible as every little detail can change the feel of the kitchen in dramatic ways. Its malleable personality can be tailored to you and your home with the help of one of our expert designers who know exactly what to change and how to change it to give you your desired kitchen. From introducing subtle colour changes and selecting the right finish for you to choosing between the fantastic in-frame and lay-on kitchen drawer and cabinet doors our expert designers at our Cirencester showroom are able to help you throughout the design process.

 This kitchen style is ideal for a typical traditional kitchen, working well alongside pantries and tall appliances. Visit our Cirencester kitchen showroom and view our shaker kitchen display to see how the use of intelligent material and texture choices can be set the tone of a kitchen and how the islands and cabinets of this range can come together to form an amazing kitchen.