Pantries And Fridges Cirencester

Much like our stools and chairs our white goods are also themed and designed to work alongside our kitchens. Drawing inspiration from the décor and style of ice-cream parlours our fridges and iceboxes use exceptional colours, design, and chromium plated hinges and handles to generate a feeling of exquisite style.


You can see our fridges in our Cirencester kitchen showroom alongside our kitchen ranges, furniture and amazing kitchen pantries. Our pantries, like our kitchen ranges, are tailored to your needs including introducing a marble ‘cold’ shelf. Of course, whilst practical changes such as a cold shelf are great, we offer a selection of stylistic changes including a variety of colour options and a selection of hinges and handles.

Visit us in our Cirencester kitchen showroom so that you can see our fridges and pantries on display and talk to our designers about the available options.