Urban Kitchens Cirencester

The Urban kitchen range is for anyone who appreciates a cool contemporary style which exuberates confidence and leverages the full potential of the multitude of astonishing handles which are also available in the range. It maximises the use of every detail drawing on its minimalist lines to create a distinguished modern feel.



Perfectly adaptable for almost any kitchen, the urban range has been used in many bespoke kitchen designs – each one exemplified the many great features of the range whilst holding its own individual look and feel. What truly adds to the uniqueness of each of our bespoke urban kitchens is the wide selection of colours available. We offer fourteen gloss colours as well as a variety of satin eggshell options to ensure that you have as much opportunity as possible to add your own personal touch and incorporate your own artistic and stylistic preferences into your bespoke kitchen.

For those who are less certain about interior décor our designer can talk in depth about stylistic trends from effectively adding a splash of colour into an otherwise neutral colour schemes to bringing your kitchen to life with natural tones. To speak to our designers visit us in our Cirencester kitchen showroom where they can talk through design options and show you our Urban kitchen range display to help you fully grasp the enormous potential of this contemporary style.