Bedrooms Fulham

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the home. It is much more than a place to rest your head at night, it is a place filled with memories and dreams. Here at John Lewis of Hungerford we are delighted to have been responsible for so many incredible bedroom designs. In our Fulham showroom we get to work with lovely customers and help them create their ideal bedroom making sure it is stylish, practical, and conductive to sleep among many other things but above all our designs are bespoke and tailored to you, your home, and your personal preference.

We have a selection of bedroom ranges which are now occupying many homes across Fulham and each offers its own unique style and personality.

Artisan Bedrooms

John Lewis’ original range of fitted wardrobes and bedroom furniture, the Artisan bedroom range encompasses all the best aspects found in the Artisan kitchen and furniture ranges including aging beautifully. With a selection of colours to choose from an artisan bedroom can easily be transformed from a calm and neutral place to a loud and inspiring colour filled room.

Shaker Bedrooms

Another classic range, a Shaker bedroom provides timeless appeal which can be found in any of the many wardrobe and furniture variations available. With a choice of in-frame and lay-on doors as well as a selection of brilliant colours a bespoke shaker bedroom is truly unique and tailored to you.

 Pure Bedrooms

The Pure bedroom range is a striking contemporary style which leverages simplicity to maximum effect. It uses handles which run the full length of the drawer edges and wardrobe doors which produce a fantastic aesthetic. The handles can remain understated by keeping them the same colour as the furniture or highlighted by selecting a secondary colour for your room.

Urban Bedrooms

The urban range is a contemporary collection of chic and modern bedroom furniture which comes together in a cohesive bespoke bedroom you can be proud of.  Urban bedrooms start as a blank canvas which, alongside our designers, you can continually build upon with colour, handles and more until it captures your personality perfectly.

Visit our bedroom showroom in Fulham to see all these ranges on display and talk to our designers about creating your own perfect bespoke bedroom.