Artisan Kitchens Hungerford

As the first John Lewis of Hungerford showroom we opened, we are proud of the extensive Artisan range our Hungerford showroom models.

One of our most successful showrooms, based in Hungerford, exhibits our fine Artisan kitchens range in all its glory. As are all our John Lewis of Hungerford kitchens, the Artisan range in our Hungerford showroom is easily identifiable by the classic and elegant look it gives to any room. With a use of subtle colour to accentuate the smaller details, when walking through the door of our Hungerford showroom you are truly transported back in time to the traditional English countryside.

All our kitchen fittings are well-made with a sturdy construction to give a polished look to add to the modern, yet nostalgic feel of the room. Our designers are always on hand to discuss the best ways to integrate these kitchen fittings into your home so you can feel as comfortable as possible in your surroundings.

Simply visit our kitchen showroom in Hungerford and experience this elegant design for yourself to see how well it could integrate in to your home