Artisan Kitchens Fulham

A classic kitchen custom made to your specification, the Artisan range has proven to be one of the most popular kitchen designs offered by our Fulham kitchen and bedroom showroom. Homes across Fulham have been given a new lease of life with new, bespoke Artisan kitchens and yours could too. The Artisan kitchen range is a plain English kitchen style which exudes elegance and ages beautifully. Fitting perfectly into everything from farmhouses to Georgian town houses, the Artisan range is rarely out of place.

From the moment you step into our Fulham showroom the Artisan range will almost definitely catch your eye. Our designers have seen customer after customer drawn in by its wonderful freestanding kitchen units and fantastic kitchen islands and have been lucky enough to design some amazing bespoke Artisan kitchens for a myriad of happy customers from across Fulham. Our designers are at the very heart of John Lewis of Hungerford and they work hard to incorporate the Artisan’s glass fronted wall cabinets, various cabinet door options, and selection of paint colours into your unique kitchen to give you the kitchen you want and deserve.

Visit our Fulham kitchen showroom and our designers will be happy to show you our Artisan kitchen display, all its wonderful features and even start the process of designing your own bespoke Artisan kitchen.