Artisan Kitchens Bristol

A traditional English style, the Artisan range is one of the most recognisable ranges, here at John Lewis Of Hungerford. This amazing range is well suited to a wide range of homes and partners nicely with a variety of decors. Age aids this unique style as you will discover, it does not become outdated easily and is an amazing way to create a kitchen which can be enjoyed for many years to come.


You can see our Artisan range in our Bristol based showroom, where you can discuss your requirements with our team. We pride ourselves on great customer service and will cover all the details with you to ensure that your bespoke kitchen is what you were expecting.

We want you to make your kitchen your own which is why the Artisan style offers a selection of cupboard doors, materials, and colours. The range consists of both in-frame and lay-on cabinet doors which each add their own unique feel to a kitchen. The cabinet doors each display the superb craftmanship which goes into all of our handmade kitchens. Whatever you choose from the range we will strive to turn your vision into a reality and give you your dream kitchen.

Make sure to visit our Bristol show room displaying all our amazing kitchen styles, including the Artisan style, so that we can talk through all your requirements and create a kitchen which combines practicality with luxury and style.