Our story begins in 1972 when our founder John Lewis opened his first shop in Hungerford with a passion and enthusiasm for creating beautiful furniture from wood that is still at the heart of today's company


John Lewis



I have been making things out of wood myself since I was about five years old and made a country kitchen for my mother when I was just twelve.

After that I was hooked! My interest grew over the following years, until one cold, wet day I arrived in Hungerford to start my business. I was nervous, but so excited to share my ideas for kitchen designs with prospective customers.

The passion and enthusiasm I felt then is still just as strong today and pervades throughout our whole team, from the skilled artisan craftsmen in our Oxforshire workshop, to our friendly, knowledgeable designers across the country.

John Lewis




  • 1972:
    The Journey Starts…

    I'm going to start my own business making furniture...I've found a little building in Hungerford that would make a great workshop. I'm spending too long fixing this workshop, I want it to be just right but I mustn't put off making some furniture for much longer... My hair froze to the wall last night and the gas froze. It's very hard but I've got to keep going... Yes. A 4'6" Welsh dresser. That will be 97.50 and delivery will be 4 weeks. Thank you!

  • 1973:
    One Year On…

    I need to improve the workshop, get more efficient, maybe get some technical advice... Jim Boyne from COSIRA is really helpful, on his advice I'm going to buy a spindle moulder.

  • 1976:
    The Artisan

    I took the lease on a new showroom in Hungerford High Street last year. The turnover I needed seemed huge, but sales are going well. Now I need more workshop space... a big factory space in Wantage, yes, I'll take it!... It's so hot this summer and I'm working so hard; building, selling, installing. My team are great so I can take a break... Positano in Italy for a holiday in my Alfa Romeo, OK. Maybe I'll see how they make their kitchens while I'm here... arched fielded panel doors, brilliant, we can do that too!

  • 1978:
    Breton Kitchen Created

    I took on another showroom in Henley-on-Thames. People love our products, the new design and the craftsmanship...I want everything to be perfect, the design, production, showrooms, but I can't do everything, I am going to have to concentrate on the development of the business.

  • 1980:
    National Press Coverage

    Finding favour with the national press including Good Houskeeping

  • 1984:
    Growing—London Booming

    We're growing and I have added new kitchen ranges, we needed more factory space so 2 years ago I took another 5000 sq ft opposite our existing Wantage building. Business in London is booming, there's a great deal of money about, we need a new showroom...Connaught Street near Marble Arch, yes... we better take on a PR company too.

  • 1987:
    Award Winning Kitchen

    Fantastic building in Bath on 4 levels, we have truly great products and I want to make the best kitchen showroom in the world...the IDI exhibition in London, we have a fantastic stand, 2 beautiful kitchens, one in silver set on a floor covered with silver sand! Richard Liberty has come over and asked if I would like to open a kitchen showroom in Liberty on Regent Street... YES!... the Liberty Showroom is fantastic, Richard asks if I will do a bathroom showroom too, well... OK!

  • 1989:
    Strong Business

    Business is going so well. Economy has been very strong, we now have 4 factories, 7 showrooms and employ 85 people, it's quite a business! But there are signs of a slowdown so I am concentrating on future designs and great customer service…

  • 1990:
    Bull Market to Bear

    Building trade has collapsed and sales are down. We have big overheads and I have painful decisions to make. Our kitchens are truly beautiful, premium quality with a price to match. The Liberty bath house will have to be closed, as will the Bath showroom, redundancies are inevitable. It's a very lonely time.

  • 1991:
    The Mosimann Factor

    Mosimann — a dining institution Anton Mosimann’s experience in the kitchen was second-to-none and one we are proud to be associated with.

  • 1992:
    The Artisan Kitchen

    I think we have survived a tough two years. We're down to 12 employees, 2 showrooms and 1 factory... we are making tables for MacDonalds to help keep us going but my passion for kitchens and furniture remains strong... I have a great idea! It will be 'basic product made with care and attention'...I'll call it the Artisan Kitchen.

  • 1997:
    A Public Company

    So many people love the Artisan product and our care and attention to detail. I've expanded the Artisan range to include 3 styles, the Original, the Shaker and the Urban. Our kitchens are affordable, look great and are built to last ... we're growing well and have now become a PLC.

  • 2001:
    Next Generation

    Our 'affordable quality' continues to be popular, now with the children of our original customers from years gone by and we have great opportunities to expand our ranges and open new showrooms across the country. Our Artisan and Shaker kitchens our available in many more paint finishes now.

  • 2004:
    End of an Era

    The Iconic shop, Liberty has been bought out and they decided not to continue with kitchens so I was asked to close the showroom. I need a new showroom in London...

  • 2005:
    Crème de la Crème

    Wandsworth Bridge Road, great large store in an interesting area, I love it! It will be my new flagship showroom and where I will launch my Crème de la Crème Kitchen.

  • 2008:
    Steamer Bay

    We have a great opportunity to expand our ranges and open new showrooms across the country. Our Artisan and Shaker kitchens remain in style and we have new ranges called Steamer Bay, Crème de la Crème and Cool. These are exciting times, our passion for kitchen design and attention to detail has never been stronger and the future looks very good.

  • 2009:
    Exclusive Paint

    We launched our very own paint chart this summer, with over 92 exclusive colours to choose from and our turn key service is better than ever with fully managed installation supported by the government backed IKBBI.

  • 2010:
    Twelfth Showroom

    We are thrilled to open our twelfth showroom in a stunning Grade II listed building in the market town of Beaconsfield. The showroom, which features some of the most popular ranges and furniture as well as a few new surprises, is bang in the middle of the historic Old Town development.

  • 2011:
    Award Winning Paint

    We've done it! Our painted kitchen cabinetry is now officially the hardest wearing in the kitchen world. Our Gloss and Satin Eggshell finishes have been awarded the highest rating available by SATRA Technology Centre, certifying the kitchens for, severe usage.

  • 2012:
    Our 40th Anniversary

    We celebrated our 40th anniversary in style during what was a quintessentially British year of celebrations including the Olympic Games and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The company continues to flourish whilst remaining true to the ethos of producing wonderful kitchens of outstanding quality, all made in Great Britain.

  • 2013:
    Flagship Showroom Refit

    Our original workshop and flagship showroom in Hungerford undergoes an extensive refit to bring it up to date with the styles and colours for 2013. This showroom work is being followed with a new bedroom showroom in Wantage and a Fulham showroom refurbishment to ensure that the best of what we can offer is available to see in the capital.

  • 2014:
    New Pure Kitchen

    Inspired by mid-century design we took the brave step of introducing PURE with its subtle retro influences. It has soft-closing handleless doors creating a streamlined look, while solid blocks of colour make it truly for today. It was voted Best Luxury Kitchen in 2014 in House Beautiful awards and gained Silver.

  • 2015:
    Our Video Story

    With the help of Zeke Creative we embared on a journey to capture the essence of what makes John lewis of Hungerford special, we captured all that this means in our first video.

  • 2016:
    New website

    Building on our essence captured in the video we launched our new website that reflects our new creative direction: simpler, more stylish and proud to celebrate our creative team by bringing their showrooms to the centre of the new website.

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