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Marianne Batham

I have always been very creative and could usually be found drawing and painting as a child and as I grew up, became quite the avid fan of…‘Changing Rooms’!!
As a young teenager I decided I absolutely wanted to work in the realm of Interior Design and would spend hours creating room-sets on a computer package and sketching layouts and floorplans whilst experimenting with my father’s tools for engineering drawings (in my defence, I grew up in Scotland so it was often a tad too chilly to go out and play in the winter months!).
After leaving school, I studied a National Diploma in Fine Art for 2 years which allowed me to learn about many aspects of art and design and to experiment with different mediums.  On completing college, I spent 3 years studying a degree in Spatial Design, covering Interior Architecture, Landscape Design, Exhibition Design and Set Design for Film, T.V. and Theatre at University.  A few years later in 2008, I began working for John Lewis of Hungerford and my passion for kitchen design has since grown and grown.
Every space is unique and every client’s brief is different, which I love from a design perspective as with each and every new design, I feel I can get my teeth into a new challenge and become a problem solver!  The versatility of John Lewis of Hungerford’s product allows us to keep each design fresh and exciting and to be creative.  Not only creative in perfecting and refining a beautiful design that enhances the space and property but also in developing a design that equips the client with everything they need to allow them to make the kitchen and space work for their way of cooking and living.
It is hugely rewarding as a designer to go out to site and see my client’s happy faces, smiling from ear to ear with excitement and enthusiasm whilst standing in the finished installed kitchen that we have tirelessly worked on.  Especially when I get to enjoy a cup of tea (or even better, dinner!) in the new kitchen that will serve as both a functional space and the heart of the home…ready to serve them through Sunday dinners, Christmas meals, brainstorming their future grown-up child’s wedding preparations and the eventual grandchild’s 1st birthday party!
It is great to work for a company that offers such a well-made and beautiful product with a lovely heritage.

Marianne Batham


Nerys Wilson

I have been lucky enough to work as a Kitchen designer at John Lewis of Hungerford for over 4 years now, and in that time I have had the experience of working on many varied and exciting projects. Like people, no kitchens are the same and I enjoy the rewarding process of project managing and guiding the client through the design and exciting process of ordering a new kitchen, right through to the installation and seeing the design go from paper to becoming a reality. I have worked on kitchen projects in old cottages as well as more modern town houses.

I like to think outside the box to create a design that is different and unique for the customer, as well as being practical and safe. I enjoy being creative and turning problems into solutions to create functional and beautiful kitchens.

Our stunning showroom has been refitted to show our latest contemporary ranges as well as more traditional styles, displays also show a timeless blend of traditional with a contemporary twist so there is something for everyone’s taste on display.
The showroom is located in the vibrant suburb of Summertown to the North of the city centre of Oxford. Summertown offers a range of nice restaurants and shops, as well as being a few minutes away from the wealth of historical sites and riverside parks in Oxford. This mix of culture and beautiful surroundings Oxford has to offer, are well worth a visit whilst in the area as you visit us to discuss a design as we guide you on your journey to turning your ideas into a reality.

In my spare time I enjoy going dancing, travelling and seeing as many places as I can, shopping and socialising, exploring new places on days out, and horse riding.

 I look forward to meeting you soon in our Oxford showroom in the heart of Summertown, to help and inspire you with our unique product and ideas for getting the best out of your space and requirements.

Nerys Wilson

Senior Designer



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